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Descargar Musica I Want To Be A Great Villain Chapter 08 English Gratis.

Alternative Title : 我要当个大坏蛋
Category : Funny, Shonen-Ai, Fantasy

Main writer : Yunzhong
Screenwriter: Mu Huoran

Description :

The real villain must be ruthless! Bad enough! Enough to die! And after the protagonist's tortured body is exhausted, he retires and exits in the explosion. Wang Yi is determined to play this kind of villain well. It's a pity... the protagonist will read his mind _(:з)∠*)_. "You bastard!" Wang Yi sneered, staring condescendingly at the actor in the novel. Qin Xiao suddenly popped up, with cute facial characters ⁄(⁄⁄⁄ω⁄⁄⁄)⁄: You are so cute...The inner frame of the face was muddled. Slowly the question mark:?

This is fan made translation by me. Thus, I don't own anything on the series except for the translation.
I'm only using translator apps, so please pardon me for any misinterpretation in the series.

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