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EvanTubeHD goes to How to Train Your Dragon LIVE SPECTACULAR!

Just saw this live show based on the popular Dreamworks film How to Train Your Dragon! The show features larger than life dragons that roam around the arena and fly in the air!

About the Show:

The astounding dragons of DreamWorks How To
Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular come to life in
this groundbreaking arena tour. Prepare to be inspired,
amazed and awed by this masterful combination of
technological innovation and world-class storytelling.

In the far-away land of Berk, a young Viking named
Hiccup struggles to find his place in the world. While
his father and classmates only seem to care about
fighting Dragons, Hiccup doesn't quite fit in.

One fateful day, Hiccup befriends an injured Dragon
that he names Toothless. Together, Hiccup and
Toothless establish a high-flying friendship that will
change them forever -- uniting Vikings and Dragons
in a spectacular battle to save both their worlds.

The uplifting story of the DreamWorks Academy
Award® nominated film and the never-before-seen
technological wonders of Global Creatures combine
to bring you a live event unlike anything you've ever

A dedicated team has created lifelike dragons that
walk, run, fly and breathe fire, in addition to displaying
facial expressions and an amazingly complex range of

It's taken over 50 model makers, digital designers,
scenic artists, design and mechanical engineers, skins
fabricators and control technicians several years to bring
the creatures to life.

The scope and scale of the rest of the production is
equally groundbreaking. Cutting edge video and
projection design transform each arena stage into a
stunning fantasy world. Special effects and soaring
music complete the immersive journey.
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